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Why choose TV Setup Services

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Installing all your TV devices We cover a range of TV brands including; Sony TV, Samsung, LG, Roku TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV and many more, our expert technicians have 20 years of field experience and a vast range of technical knowledge with various brands. Your Local TV Installation company can fit and install

How to Mount a TV Without Making a Mess

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Can you wall mount a TV with no mess? Don’t underestimate the time and energy it takes to mount your TV on the wall yourself. Here’s how to do it and keep your wall — and your peace of mind — in one piece. It’s one thing to obsess over the aesthetics of your flat-screen


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TV Mount Above the Fireplace Many prewar or early postwar building management companies are very particular about who and how you drill into their concrete or brick structure. Many things have to be taken into consideration, especially if mounting above an active fireplace. You have to think about the depth of the surface and the

LED Backlight Installations

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Have a TV Installed today Besides adding to your ambience and setting the mood, LED backlights relieves stress and decreases fatigue on the eyes when binge-watching television in otherwise total darkness. LED backlights also reduce your chances of developing a headache and increases your overall enjoyment and comfort. We can add remote controlled LED lights

TV Installation in Blackburn

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TV Installation in Blackburn Streamline Your Room With Professional TV Installation Attention To Detail is TV Installation in Blackburns speciality. During a consultation, we'll check on the size of your television, the surface for mounting, and determine whether you have a bracket or need one. All of the hardware you may need is provided

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