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Sky Satellite Repairs

TV Aerial Installation services are a Local company who cover the whole of the UK, providing a first-class service for all their customers. They have a wealth of experience in all aspects of aerial installations, Freesat TV installations, satellite maintenance and TV wall mounting.

We offer free estimates and free advice, and you will always be greeted by a warm friendly engineer. We are also one of the very few companies that carry out work without any height restrictions.

TV Aerial Installations

TV Aerial Repair Service Near Me

Whether you need a brand new aerial installed or just want to upgrade your aerial, TV Aerials near me can help. Local Aerials guarantee that you will receive great reception on your new aerial. We have a wide range of aerials available for you to choose and we will recommend the best aerial for your needs.

We can upgrade your existing aerial if you are receiving a poor signal on your existing aerial. We will look at the condition and strength of your existing aerial and give our expert opinion on what is best for you.

TV aerial Installation, TV Aerials, TV Aerials Near Me

Amazing TV Installer

Having problems with your TV signal? Don’t worry, TV Aerials can help you out. We will assess your aerial and can fix it, usually in the same day Also, Sky Q is arguably the best regular TV-watching experience around, there are about 1,000 movies on Sky cinema at any one time and you can watch all of Sky’s premier league games and many English football league games live in 4K.


Freesat Is a free-to-air satellite service and does not require an aerial, there are no monthly fees, the service is delivered via a dish and has over 150 + free channels a good solution for users in poor terrestrial reception areas.


We offer the perfect solutions to view European and international channels like Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Russian and Arabic TV, a standard satellite system consists of a satellite dish and set-top decoder.

Sky Satellite Repairs

At TV Aerials and satellite services, we are professional Sky installers with over 25 years experience. We have a team of trained approved engineers with extensive knowledge when it comes to Sky TV. We will ensure you get the best possible signal by identifying the best possible position for your dish. We work with you every step of the way, making sure you are completely happy and that we meet your individual needs.

With Sky HD and Sky Q available, our expert Sky installers are specialists when it comes to satellite services. We have worked with a comprehensive range of domestic and commercial customers, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to our professional solutions. For free and certified advice, contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Satellite Installation

As the UK’s subscription-free satellite service, Freesat installations have become increasingly popular. As experts in the industry, the engineers at TV Aerials are fully accredited Freesat installers across the UK. If you live in an area with poor terrestrial reception, this could be the perfect option for you. With a whole host of free channels available, Freesat is available in most areas across the UK.

Efficient Freesat installations with the same day service and no call out charges, our team of professional Freesat installers can get you up and running in no time. If you don’t want to pay monthly to a third-party supplier, Freesat is the perfect option for you. We supply a dish and receiver and guarantee minimal disruption at your property.

Satellite Dish Re Alignment services

Free to air satellite channels

Freesat allows you to receive all the free to air channels through the means of one satellite dish. Unlike Sky, you will not have to pay for your subscription as all the channels are free. With competitive local installation prices, we offer a cost-effective install solution. With free estimates for every customer, you can rely on us for an honest service.

As expert TV installers, TV Aerials have become a reputable solution across the Teeside and Derbyshire area. With our extensive knowledge in TV aerial installation, you can trust our fully qualified team of engineers. As we are not a broker, our local engineers are employed by us across a range of areas, including:

TV Setup Services

If you need a TV Setup or installation in Yorkshire and Humberside, then look no further than our professional services. Whether you need us to mount your new Smart TV to a wall, or you are planning to build a home cinema, we are the team for the job. Our efficient team have all the skills and years of experience to offer services that will meet your high standards. We ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with every installation, as we promise to deliver the best TV viewing experience.

You can count on us for a hassle-free and expert TV Setup service. We have years of experience, and we ensure a professional job. In addition, our service includes wall bracket installation, so you can rely on our team to take the job from beginning to end. We can install flat screens, plasma and LCD TVs, as well as Smart TVs. At TV Setup Services we can set up your Smart TV so you can relax and just enjoy the amazing features. From YouTube to BBC iPlayer, our service will change the way you watch TV!

TV Wall Mounting Services Near me

Furthermore, we also offer home cinema installation throughout our local area of Teesside. From digital TV projectors to sound installation and configuration, we can make your vision become a reality. Whether you would like to add a cinema room to your basement, attic or living room, get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas.

From damage from bad weather to faulty equipment, there are a number of reasons why your TV may not be working. The most common sign is the picture of your TV breaking up or freezing, and if your sound keeps dropping. There are a number of factors that could be affecting the signal. Therefore, we recommend checking your TV to ensure the mains, the aerial, digital box and everything else is properly connected. Also, it is likely that high air pressure or stormy weather can impact your signal, and this usually returns to normal when the weather passes. If you are still experiencing issues, get in touch with us for our repair services.

Best TV Wall Mounting Service

Wi-Fi Connection Throughout Your Home

We can help improve the Wi-Fi connection throughout your home. For many of us, wireless internet has become a household necessity! However, occasionally wireless routers are not able to cover a whole house. At TV  Setup services we can install hotspots in the best spots of your home to ensure you get connection everywhere. Furthermore, we can also install CAT5e/6 cables strategically around your home if you prefer a wired connection to your network equipment. We can also ensure that your connection reaches your garden, so you can enjoy Wi-Fi everywhere at all times!

With multi-room Sky installation, you can watch Sky in any room. You can enjoy TV shows, films and music across multiple devices, whether is at home or your office. There are different ways to set up your system, as the standard installation would mean running wires from each box back to a central location. However, with the Sky Q multi-room set up, this works using your WiFi connection. We can talk you through all of our options, so get in touch with us today.

CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV Installation services have been the cheapest online installers of HIKVision CCTV equipment in the Uk and we are excited to say that we now also install HIKVision CCTV solutions in businesses and homes all across Yorkshire and Humberside.

We have been selling the lowest-priced quality security systems for the past fifteen years and our reputation speaks for itself. Many of our customers are repeat and trade customers. You can rely on our extensive technical knowledge to design a system to suit your exact needs, no matter how complicated, even where other companies have just walked away.

CCTV Camera Installation near me

Many of our customers have asked us to install CCTV systems for them, but traditionally we have just sold the equipment online, but now we work with the best insured CCTV installers from around the country to supply the best equipment and installation at the best prices.

Our CCTV specialists can design, specify and install the most cost-effective system to suit your needs. It may just be a small two-camera HD security system in a house, or hundreds of cameras and multiple recorders in large semi-state organisations and large multi-national facilities.

As one of the largest HIKVision Installation companies, we have direct links to HIKVision technical Pre-sales in Ireland and the UK, the HIKVision technical support team in the UK and individual engineers in the UK & China. HIKVision have worked with our engineers to specially modify hardware and software to suit our larger customers’ needs.

Best CCTV Camera Installation service

Home Security Services is one of the most well respected and accomplished CCTV providers with over 25 years in CCTV. Our leading-edge technology helped solve some of the biggest and most high profile crimes in the lands. Our covert and overt solutions have helped the local law enforcement agencies with vital information that is needed to secure a solid conviction in court.

CCTV Camera Security Services prides itself on the meticulous attention that is required by the law enforcement agency to deliver concrete evidence for court. We have a quality management system that curtails into the preparation of typed reports of any illegal incident which is monitored by our company and we supply the highest quality images such as faces, registration and location.

TV Wall Mounting Services

Welcome to the Next Level in Home Entertainment, You’ve done all your research, decided on your ideal screen size and spec and your new TV is ordered. It might even be in a massive box already in your hallway. Exciting times! You’ll now want it up and running before you can say, “Has anyone seen the remote?” So why not have it professionally installed?

TV Wall Mounting Experts offer a fast, efficient and affordable same day professional TV wall mounting service. Our highly competitive pricing is straightforward and simple, there’s no need for any prior visits or quotations and no hidden costs. And we might be a whole lot cheaper than you think.

TV Wall Mounting Services Near me

TV Setup services offer TV wall hanging on nearly all types of wall, even stud walls. It can be quite stressful hanging your expensive TV on a wall if you have never done it, or had limited experience. TV Setup services have installed many TVs on wall mounts over the years, so you can be sure will do a safe, tidy job, whatever the size of your TV.

Mounting a TV on a wall can create more space, or improve the visibility of your TV from different parts of the room. We have fitted hundreds of TVs over the years. Call today for a free quote.

It is also possible to set-up any of your home cinema equipment or DVD players or soundbars you may have.TV Setup services are experts in configuring your audiovisual equipment.

TV Setup Services

TV wall mounting and wall bracket installation

Make sure your TV installation is safe and professionally installed in Nottinghamshire, Lancashire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Teesside and beyond. You can have an expert wall mounted TV bracket installation that’s hassle-free and professionally installed.

I’ve been installing wall-mounted TV’s for years with many satisfied customers recommending me to friends and family for just as long. Why not ask me for a no-obligation quotation for TV wall mounting or any TV wall bracket related query? After all; we’re only a phone call away.

Smart Home Automation

It’s amazing how technology has grown tremendously over the last three decades. From using huge coded phones in the 90s to small-sized smartphones in the 2000s. The next big thing in the technology sector is the steadily growing demand for smart homes. Smart home or automated home technology is basically the centralization of home devices, appliances and other essential entities. The functions of these devices and appliances can then be controlled remotely from a single device. For instance, your thermostat, TV, lights, locks and security camera can be connected into a single system and controlled via your phone or any appropriate device.

Home Automation installation near me

Smart home automation gives you almost full control of your home.

With this type of technology, you are able to enjoy the luxury of an automated smart home entertainment system. The smart home entertainment system includes devices such as TVs, pools and audio speakers.

Benefits of smart home entertainment include;

Full Control: The primary goal of automated home technology is to give you remote control over home functions. With this technology, you are alerted whenever one of the appliances in your smart home entertainment system is being accessed or stolen. For instance, with a simple text or notification, you can be able to see when someone is accessing your pool. You can also prevent access to your appliances just by a single tap.

Home Entertainment systems near me in

Best Home Smart Systems

Monitor: The system also allows you to easily monitor the type of entertainment your kids are having. So whether you are at the office or on vacation, you don’t have to worry about what your kids are doing in your absence. All you need to do is check your phone and you will be able to know the channels they are watching, the websites they are visiting and the video games they are playing. You can also remotely control their access to entertainment gadgets.

Relax: Smart home entertainment technology allows you to relax in your space. It doesn’t matter if you have had a long day at work. All you have to do is get home, dim your lights, fine-tune your thermostat and play your favourite songs, movie or TV show, all from a single screen.

Security: Automated smart home technology helps keep your entertainment devices and appliances secure. If stolen, the devices can be tracked and retrieved. You can also disable your devices remotely in case of a threat.

Home Entertainment smart TV systems

The technology comes with a lot of benefits which include;

Convenience: The convenience you get from an automated routine should not be understated. You get to access and control all your domestic appliances and devices from a single screen. All you have to do in the process is to learn how to use just one application on your phone. The feeling that you are in control of your home gives you a true sense of ownership.

Security: One of the basic principles behind smart home technology is security. Smart home technology enhances your home security by merging surveillance tools with your smart home system. Security and surveillance tools may include smart locks, security cameras, motion detectors and other automated alarm systems. The system allows you to receive instant alerts and notifications in case of a security breach. It also allows for real-time monitoring and surveillance.

Functionality: Automated smart home technology enhances the functionality of your home devices and appliances. For instance, a smart TV helps you search for better channels and television content while a smart oven will cook your meals to the intended taste.

Comfort: A smart home network enhances the comfort of your home. You are able to control your thermostat, lights and entertainment devices from a single screen. During winter or summer, a simple tap on command on your phone will help bring your house temperature to the optimum.

Handyman services

Our multi-skilled and experienced handyman team is friendly and always ready to help you 24/7. If something in your house, flat or office has been damaged, call Handyman Near Me and we will fix it! We provide various services and you can take advantage of them even on the same day (same-day booking) for emergency handyman service. We will discuss with you what the most suitable date and time for you is and will fully comply with your choice. The comfort of our customers is on top of our priorities list, so be sure that we’ll fit into your schedule in the best way possible!


Washing Machine and Dishwasher Installations

Unlike some appliances that can be plugged in and are ready to go, washing machines and dishwashers require a skilled handyman to fit them professionally. By hiring an expert from our plumbers London team, we can properly install your new appliance and get it working in no time.

Sinks and Basins Fitting and Replacement

Switching the sink or basin in your kitchen or bathroom is a great way to give the room an instant facelift, but you want to ensure the job is done expertly. That is why when looking for plumber near me, you should give us a call! We can install, repair, and protect your new sink and basin fitting for years to come.


Fixing Faulty Showers

Done right and installed properly, showers can be your own miniature spa experience right at home. If your shower is leaking or the water pressure is compromised, the experience can be instantly dampened. Fix the issue at its source with one of our plumbers. Our handymen can take care of all shower types; however, if your shower is electrical, a qualified electrician will also be on the case.

Fixing Leaks

Have a leak? Not getting it fixed quickly and efficiently can be annoying at best and costly at worst. Give us a call and our local London plumbers can take care of that leak for you once and for all. If the leak is more serious, such as a water pipe leak that requires a significant replacement, we will get to you ASAP.

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TV Aerial and CCTV Cameras Systems are available by one of our trusted engineers. Just give us a call and let us come to give you a quotation. So what you waiting for get Your TV systems sorted out today.

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If you want to enquire about turning your home into a smart home then contact Home Installation systems, an expert home installation company.