TV Installation with a stand

If you need a Tabletop TV Setup by us then give us a call. We can set up your stand and Tv in just a few steps. here is a list of what it will entail.

  • Professional assessment of your desired TV placement and expert advice regarding correct distance and best viewing angles.
  • Unpacking your new TV
  • Tabletop or stand TV setup
  • Making sure all your media devices (cable box, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku TV, Blu-ray, Apple TV, or other) are connected to your new TV
  • Connecting your new Smart TV to a Wi-Fi network
  • Adjusting TV settings (colour and resolution) for a perfect viewing experience
  • Cleaning out the work area
  • Educating the customer on how to use a new TV and programming remote control
  • Free 1 standard 6 ft. HDMI cable
  • Leaving our customer fully satisfied and with a smile
  • Approximate work time: 1 hour

Just call us for more information on 07860244274 or visit TV Setup services Bradford

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